NY or LA?

East coast vs. west coast.

East coast vs. west coast. Bad Boy Records vs. Death Row Records. Yankees vs. Dodgers. Broadway vs. Hollywood. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. California girls we’re undeniable.

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This picture pretty much sums up which side you’re on. Do you like bright lights and the feeling of being able to take on the world? Or are beach vibes and sunshine more your thing? Are you into all the seasons, or an average yearly high of 75 degrees. Are you into sports!? Because both have that… oh and plenty of entertainment too.

New York and Los Angeles are the two main cities in America, and both have unique features that make them great. There have been countless discussions over which city is better, but let me tell you. They’re way to different to decide. Sure they have their similarities. Traffic. Maybe the worst in the world from one end of the U.S. to the other. I once tried to go to a Dodgers game that was three miles away and ended up getting there two hours later in the middle of the fourth. Love Dodger Stadium by the way, but what a horrible commute. A couple years ago I drove into New York and just got back last week. That’s why I usually take the train. Too bad they don’t have those in LA.

Which one is better. I don’t know, but at the moment I’d rather be in LA. Give me the beach and some good rays, and I’ll give you a happy man.

Dingers Vladdy! Dingers For All These People!

Vladi Jr. TIES his own record with another 29 dingers! Unbelievable!

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Boy of boy, what a night. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. put on a show for all of America in the 2019 Home Run Derby… but he didn’t win. Some will say the big boy got tired, but it really came down to the fact that Vladdy Jr. had to hit first for the final round. The curse of hitting first was alive last night for sure, but before we get into that let’s look at the prerequisite rounds.

In the first round Joc Pederson defeated Alex Bregman with 21 dingers to 16. Joc would go on to the semis and cause absolute pandemonium, but ultimately fall short. Vladdy Jr. would start his night breaking records with 29 dingers. The most in a single round (but that record would shortly be tied). He would defeat Matt Chapman, who was substituting for Christian Yelich (back), who would only hit 13 dingers; tied for lowest of the night. Ronald Acuna Jr. would have himself a round as well, racking up 25 dingers and advancing over Josh Bell who hit 18. Lastly Pete (Polar Bear) Alonso, rookie for the New York Mets, and only thing going for that pathetic franchise, would take down the home town hero Carlos Santana with a walk off score of 14 to 13. The semi finals to come would align all the stars, shake them up, and put them back in line, all in the matter of minutes.

Vladdy Jr. TIES his own record with another 29 dingers! Unbelievable! But wait, there’s more! Joc Pederson ain’t no chump, and he surely proved it here, cracking 29 dingers himself to tie the record and bring this baby to overtime. One minute on the clock for the batters and they BOTH hit 8 dingers. This ones going to a swing off, and apparently that wasn’t enough to decide it because both batters tied AGAIN with 1 dinger off three swings. One more round eh? That would prove to be the deciding factor. Vladdy Jr. would hit 2 dingers off three swings advancing over Joc Pederson who only hit 1 in the final swing off. The final total for that round would be 40 to 39! Oh I almost forgot. There were two more batters that faced off. Not AS exciting, but a very good round to say the least. Pete Alonso would take down Ronald Acuna Jr. with another walk off, winning 20 to 19. The finals would be a similar story.

The rookies rocking the derby! Vladdy Jr. vs. Pete Alonso. Two horrible franchises that just so happen to have two young studs who indeed hit dingers. Both the Blue Jays and Mets would really benefit if the Home Run Derby somehow helped their team records, but the prize is 1 million dollars to the winner and a pretty nice trophy if I do say so myself. Vladdy Jr. would go first and end up knocking 22 dingers out of the park. People said he was tired, and yes he’s a big boy who’s been cranking bombs all night so of course he was tired, but he still hit 22! That’s nothing to bat an eye at. It would just so happen that the bigger story of the night wasn’t moon fruit and laser homers, but rather walk off wins, because Pete Alonso would just so happen to hit 23 and stop right there. So there we have it. Alonso coasted all night and didn’t have to worry about ripping a million home runs, but rather just worry about hitting one more than his opponent. Anyways, it was a great showing by the two rookies. I have a feeling we are going to see a lot more out of these guys in the future. Oh, and for all those Mets fans, congrats on your world series!

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Sea Isle Shenanigans: A Tiger Rodman Experience (Bonus: London Series Plus U.S. Women’s World Cup Game)

This past weekend I had the pleasure to hit up the Jersey Shore and absolutely smash three beautiful sun soaked days with the boys.

This past weekend I had the pleasure to hit up the Jersey Shore and absolutely smash three beautiful sun soaked days with the boys. The long weekend was a time to relax, rejoice, but most importantly, rip up the town. Despite the whole squad striking out (countless of times), I’d say we played a solid game. A bunt single here, hit and run there. It’s not our fault our bats kept cracking as the liquor flowed throughout the night. Plus there was a lot of tequila, so wouldn’t a golden sombrero be a good thing? Anyways, it’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

They say to never fall in love at the Jersey Shore, but what do they know? The sights, the sounds. From beautiful beach houses to the beaches themselves. The nightlife, the Jitney, THE WAWA!

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What an alive place come summer. To say I fell in love would be an understatement. Sea Isle City will forever be a crazy vibe within itself. To add to the hype I was able to watch some SPORTS during some down time. Let me tell you; the party was rockin across the Atlantic as well.

50 total runs in the London Series… nope that’s not a typo. The New York Yankees took the two game series with winning scores of 17-13 (Saturday) and 12-8 (Sunday) over the Boston Red Sox. Banana Land. If you took the under on either of these games you must have kept far, far away from that water cooler this morning. I for one wouldn’t blame you.

Image result for london series yankees red sox
Image result for london series yankees red sox

As for the ladies; the United States women’s national soccer team took a 2-1 win over France in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. A toute a l’huere France! You’re welcome to watch us dominate the rest of the way. Not like there’s much travel required for them!

Forward Megan Rapinoe proved to be the deciding factor, scoring both goals for the U.S. Hopefully she’ll keep the momentum going and score a couple more tomorrow. The girls will be taking on England in the semifinals at 3:00 PM (Eastern time). Two more ladies, let’s go!

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After all the events that went down, Jersey has become a mood. What used to be only known as a smelly armpit has blossomed into a Malibu Bay Breeze. Just a total 180. Well at least the shore, because I get that most of Jersey still smells. I did drive through most of it, and no car freshener can mask that. Although it’s not all peaches and cream it appears there are some fertile lands. Till next time Sea Isle!




Talk about complete polar opposites, but I find a lot of my TV watching hours debating which channel to watch.

Talk about complete polar opposites, but I find a lot of my TV watching hours debating which channel to watch. On HGTV we got Property Brothers, Love It Or List It, Fixer Upper, and many more. ESPN has many staple programs, including Sports Center, as well as live featured sports games. So really it’s kind of a dumb question from the start because there is no correlation between the two (as stated earlier), but I guess I’d like to know which one I spend more time watching.

Honestly I think it’s HGTV, and I came to that conclusion halfway through writing this. Reason being; there are so many different sports outlets nowadays, that not all my time is spent watching ESPN. I’m also a big doctor guy. Always seem to have a reason to be at multiple doctor’s offices, and let me tell you, if HGTV is not on in the waiting room then someone must have died.

Both stations are great and deserve the public eye, but there is something about realty/fixing up homes that really gets me going.

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Chip and Joanna Gainnes from Fixer Upper
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Scott Van Pelt on Sports Center
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TR’s Top 5: Video Games

Everyone has a favorite video game. Everyone.

Everyone has a favorite video game. Everyone. Even if it’s just a random app on your phone, it counts. Now I’d rather play something a little more entertaining, but I won’t discriminate. You like what you like. With that said, here are TR’s top 5 video games.

5. Super Mario 64 – Nintendo 64

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An absolute crime against peguianity. Despite the horrific scene displayed above, Super Mario 64 is by far my favorite single player game. The extreme touchiness and extravagant levels make for an exciting and challenging game. I’ll be honest, I’m not even good at this game, but I always love picking up a classic 64 controller to ground pound some goombas.

There are 120 total stars one can collect in this game, which make for a great adventure. From newcomers to speed runners, Super Mario 64 has what the people want. For me it’s a sucker punch of nostalgia that brings back all the feels.

4. NHL – All Platforms

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Yo wanna play Chel? Probably one of the greatest questions I have ever heard in my life. NHL 13 for XBOX 360 was the last version of the game I personally had, and my honest favorite. However, I have played versions released afterwards, and believe the entirety of NHL deserves the 4 spot. In ’13 my go to shot was the left right left dangle, top shelf where your momma hides the cookies. Every time.

This is a fantastic game to play one on one chillen with the boys. With that said, in my day it was also very fun to hop online with some friends and improve your team record in EASports Hockey League. Left Wing all day, everyday. This was always one of my better games, and I always get excited when I hear those four glorious letters; C-H-E-L.

3. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! – Nintendo GameCube

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The best racing game of all time. Hands down. Do not even think about mentioning Forza in this house. The ENTIRE Mario Kart series is fire, but numero uno has to go to Double Dash. I mean double the riders, double the fun. It’s science. The addition to adding specials for the characters was a huge upgrade that evolved Kart’s strategy making. Not to mention there were also weight classes for the vehicles. I have always loved Donkey Kong, but will pick Diddy 11 out of 10 times to avoid a monster truck of a car. A lot of exciting times have happened as a result of this game, as it rightfully deserves a top 3 spot.

2. COD: Modern Warfare 2 – All Platforms (But really XBOX 360)

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Bring back the angsty teen years filled chock-full of no sleep nights with the squad. Modern Warfare 2 is by far the most respected game within the Call of Duty franchise. This game came out when I was 13, which is the perfect age to be a gamer. I can still remember my first nuke.

It saddens me that the series isn’t what it used to be. And I don’t think it doesn’t deliver the same thrill because I outgrew it, but rather the fact that it got wayyy too futuristic. Anyways, Modern Warfare 2 will always hold a special place in my heart. It wasn’t anything more than it was trying to be, and nothing short of perfect.

1. Mario Party 2 – Nintendo 64

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Simply the best. You want something to do when you’re bored? Mario Party. Having friends over? Mario Party. Need a cool new drinking game? Mario Party. Trying to hookup with someone without acting too aggressive? MARIO PARTY. It is a true classic, and Mario Party 2 is by far the best out of the entire series. That’s not knocking the others for being bad, because they all make the top 100, but there is something about 2 that moves the needle. Maybe it’s the maps. Maybe it’s the mini games. Maybe it’s because it’s the first video game I can remember playing. Or maybe it’s all three of those reasons plus much much more.

If you aren’t screaming at the top of your lungs during day at the races then there’s something wrong with you. If you don’t know what day at the races is then there is no hope for you. This game is electric, and if you have never played you need to. I actually lost my original copy, but was able to buy it on the Wii market place for $10. Just plug in a couple GameCube controllers and we’re good to go!

America’s Next Hot Sport!

Rugby, rugby, rugby!

Rugby, rugby, rugby!

We have seen more and more rugby on TV these days, but within a couple years, the sport will be at its peak. I’ll admit I personally like playing the original version of fifth-teens way better, but it’s rugby sevens that will take America by storm.

Nationally, rugby sevens has seen a little more attention than the original. Sure we’ll get full fifth-teens every once in a while, but it’s competitions like the Olympics, HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, and Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship, that grab the most viewers, while bringing the most interest to newcomers. Rugby is a very easy game to watch once the rules are understood, and it is much easier to learn and see what is going on through sevens. It’s the same size field with the number of players basically cut in half.

A couple big components as to why sevens is the version of choice are the time of play, speed of the game, and the amount of electric plays that occur throughout the game. There are only two seven minute halves in rugby sevens, making it very easy for someone to watch an entire game and get hooked. This is a huge difference from the 80 minute game of fifth-teens. But there is a reason why the game is much shorter, and it’s a good one. Because there are only seven players on each team, compared to fifth-teen on each, the game play is much faster. Since the game play is faster, you guessed it, there are an increase in electrifying, jaw-dropping plays. There are way more breakaways, and way more opportunities to score.

Rugby has been super popular in Europe and other countries since the 1800s, and it’s time we see an increase in viewers in America. The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series just concluded a few weeks ago, but is an annual tournament that will restart towards the end of the year. By the way, the United States finished second overall this past season. If there weren’t already enough reasons to start watching rugby sevens.

Please… if you thought I was going to say lacrosse.

What Celebrity Would You Trade Places With?

What if you could trade places? Who would you pick?

A question as old as time itself. Everyone has that favorite celebrity they fantasize over, and many times even wonder what it would be like to be them. We see the glitz, the glam, the glory, and think, “Larry that could have been me.”

What if you could trade places? Who would you pick? I have thought about this question time and time again. Many have passed through my mind, but there is one that always seems to stay.

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That’s right, Zac Efron. Even since the Troy Bolton days this man has been stealing millions of girls hearts with his good looks and charm. Zac can sing, he can dance, and most importantly he can act. A triple threat. A Disney star that actually goes on to a bigger and better career are few and far between. But this man cannot be stopped! High School Musical, 17 Again, Neighbors, That Awkward Moment, and Dirty Grandpa are just of few of the films I have loved Zac in. There are still some I have yet to get to, but don’t worry, I plan on it.

What would I do to be Zac Efron you ask? I’d give my left nut. But really I would be willing to skip the rest of my twenties and shrink a couple inches. The man is listed as 5 foot 8 on the internet, but when you have a body like that, you can be listed under 5 and still get results.

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The best part about Zac is his attitude. From what I have heard, and what I can tell, Zac is very modest and thankful to be where he is. Now there could possibly be examples where this is not the case, but I personally have not heard them, and believe what I have heard to be legit. So what do you give the man who has it all. How about the chance to trade places with a totally regular guy, who is an aspiring writer. Feel free to comment if interested Zac.

TR’s Top 5: NFL Offensive Plays

There have been countless plays throughout sports that have had us on the edge of our seats. Countless moments where we could not believe our eyes.

There have been countless plays throughout sports that have had us on the edge of our seats. Countless moments where we could not believe our eyes. Every sport has these moments, but the NFL is a place where we’re constantly saying, “What the?” This is why I’d like to share some significant plays. Here are Tiger Rodman’s top 5 NFL offensive plays.

5. The Catch – Odell Beckham Jr.

On November 23, 2014 insanity happened. What may go down as the single greatest catch in a regular season game, a young OBJ stunned the world at MetLife Stadium. Despite pass interference from Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr, OBJ was able to extend himself and make an immaculate finger-tip catch while falling back into the end zone.

Despite OBJ’s efforts, the New York Giants would go on to lose this game to the Dallas Cowboys. Pretty symbolic if you ask me. Such a great talent wasted on a troubled franchise filled with holes. Tisk tisk. We’ll see if Cleveland is the place where OBJ can catch some Ws. Hopefully the future holds even more moments like this.

4. The Philly Special – Nick Foles & Company

Super Bowl LII was jam packed with excitement. One play in particular came on a fourth and goal from the Philadelphia Eagles with 38 seconds to go before the half.

Simply unbelievable. A play like this decides the game, and so many coaches do not have the confidence to trust their quarterback with a decision as big as this, in a game as big as this. Especially from a backup! Well good ol’ Dougy sure was happy he did in this moment. The Philadelphia Eagles would go on to defeat the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33 in true underdog fashion.

3. Immaculate Reception – Franco Harris

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. This famous game-winning play occurred in the AFC Divisional Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders all the way back in 1972. Oldie but a goodie. In the final seconds of the game Terry Bradshaw scrambles out of trouble, making a last ditch effort to sling the ball to John Furqua. Furqua however, would not end up with the ball. Instead it would end up bouncing off Raider’s safety Jack Tatum and into the hands of rookie FULLBACK Franco Harris. You hear that NFL? We want more fullback!

2. Beast Mode – Marshawn Lynch

DARREN (Scumbag) SHARPER HOLD MY D*CK! What a run. What. A. Run. It’s crazy to think the Seattle Seahawks were 7-9 heading into this playoff game against the 11-5 New Orleans Saints. Not to mention the Saints were also the defending Super Bowl Champions. But none of that matters when you have an absolute beast of a running back who can take on an entire team. HE PUT THE TEAM ON HIS BACK! GET OFF ME TRACY PORTER! The cherry on top of the whole run. Nothing short of spectacular. Marshawn never ceased to amaze on and off the field.

1. The Helmet Catch – David Tyree

The greatest catch in Super Bowl History. What a lot of people forget about this play is how Eli Manning escapes an almost certain sack, and is even able to get the ball out of his hands. Grabbed by multiple Patriots, Manning pulled a Houdini and launched the ball to David Tyree. But the magic didn’t run out there. Whether it be stickum, a piece of gum, or some type of magnetic force, there is one thing all fans can agree on. That ball should not have stayed where it did. Pinned against the helmet of Tyree with safety Rodney Harrison all over the play, the ball did not move.

The significance of this play was that Manning and Tyree turned what would have been fourth down into a new set of downs. Moments later, with 39 seconds left in Super Bowl XLII, Plaxico Burress would catch the game winning touchdown. The near perfect New England Patriots fell just short of, what would have been at the time, their fourth Super Bowl win. 18-0 except for 1 GIANT loss!

Take A Seat With Tiger: What’s Up, I’m Tiger.

What’s up? My name is Tiger Rodman.

What’s up? My name is Tiger Rodman. I don’t know much about anything but a little bit of everything which is why I created tigerrodman.com. The site is designed to be a place to discuss whatever is on my mind, with a strong focus on sports and entertainment. Some days there will be no sports or entertainment, as I live a pretty demanding life, still living at my parents house and all. (No I do not live in the basement, that is where my grandma lives. Yes I have a day job.) Just like most of us I’m still figuring it out. Deal with it.

Who is Tiger Rodman? Tiger is a man within the mind of the man writing these words. He is the voice of reason. Not always the right reason either, but none the less he always has an opinion. Tiger likes to think he is important without ever actually accomplishing anything significant that would lead him to be well known. He kinda sucks but is kinda cool at the same time, but realizes it’s time to break out of his shell and share his thoughts with the world. Or at least the .0000000000000001 percent of the world who happen to stumble upon this perilous platform.

Tiger is a fan of all sports who enjoys a good old fashioned game when he sees one. Therefore he will write about just about anything he finds enjoyable. As for movies there will never be talk of a horror film because Tiger goes into a deep depression after watching them. PTSD from watching scary movies may seem extreme, but having to open my eyes multiple times before actually falling asleep every night thinking the kid from the grudge is watching me is a legit fear that’s been occurring 365 for as long as I can remember. So yeah, lets not talk about it. Anyways…

There are a lot more layers to the mind of Tiger Rodman, but they’ll peel themselves back as time goes on. Welcome to tigerrodman.com! It truly is a strange place.

See ya when I see ya,